Esquire Needs A New Editor

      November 28th, 2009

EsquireEsquire is one of those expired frequent flyer miles magazines I get. (In other words, for free.)

I used to be mildly interested in Barry Sonnenfeld’s product reviews, though he’s been getting on my nerves lately.

Mr. Sonnenfeld’s latest case of product propaganda, “30 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Digital Man”, randomly features the Rockettes, and a pretty embarrassing typo. It’s hard to believe, but the typo remains on the Esquire website:

“And unlike many other portable speakers, Altec doesn’t overdo the base. The sound is bright and realistic.”

A tech review should not mispell “bass” as “base”. Am I wrong here?

Here is the link. Sorry, but you have to skip to slide 9. I wasn’t sure how to link it directly.

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