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      December 31st, 2008

linksI spend a fair amount of time scavenging the Internet for news, informative stuff, and so on. I know posting a smattering of links is nothing innovative, but I thought I would nevertheless post a few now and again. So here goes nothing…

The Israeli Defense Forces realize they have a major PR problem. In an, ahem, interesting move they’ve set up their very own YouTube channel.

I really wish people wouldn’t be so nasty to Steve Jobs. I think Apple makes great products. I got my first PowerBook back in 2000 and haven’t looked back. I don’t know Steve Jobs personally (far from it), but his commencement speech at Stanford a few years back (perhaps) gives a glimpse into his soul. Whatever the case may be, I wish him all the best.

I haven’t yet had a chance to fully appreciate The Dudespaper, but my first impression is that it’s pure genius. The Big Lebowski is obviously one of the best movies ever and the man in charge at The Dudespaper gives us the lowdown on the world today through the Dude’s slacker shades. On the downside, the site is pretty slow. Still worth checking out.

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