RainSoft Claims

      January 18th, 2010

PreacherI know they say a sales person will say anything to make a sale, but I heard some pretty lofty claims from the RainSoft sales rep.

I’ve been able to verify firsthand (unfortunately) that what he said about their installers was definitely not true.

Based on that, I’m assuming that much of what he said was, to put it plainly, bullshit. I’ve looked into some of these claims online, but have not yet found anything close to definitive.

Here are some of his claims:

  • – Bill Gates uses a RainSoft system in his house.
  • – Culligan of India uses RainSoft at their office.
  • – Aquafina (owned by Pepsi) is filtered using RainSoft.
  • – The White House uses RainSoft.
  • – Home Depot picked RainSoft from over 600 other companies.

The lying sales rep made a bunch of other claims as well, but I can’t remember them all. Now, perhaps the above statements are true, but we’ve already been very underwhelmed with the system itself. As I previously wrote, the installer was completely incompetent, not the factory trained pro of which the sales rep assured me.

What makes this all the more upsetting is that Home Depot, what I consider a reputable company, has been silent. When I went to the Home Depot in search of a water softener, they offered me a free “water test”. This “water test” turned out to be a very long sales pitch in our home and a confirmation that our water is hard. (Duh.)

Aside from the $7,000 bill from Home Depot, they’ve been silent. I’ve been to the Home Depot three times since the disastrous install and they’ve simply washed their hands of responsibility. Bye bye Home Depot. There are plenty of other places to shop.

But I digress… Anyone know about the above claims?

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  1. Rainsoft is currently charging their dealers a
    Five dollar per invoice surcharge for Internet Mgt Fee.

    This money is intended to overcome unfavorable
    comments found on internet.

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