Fake RainSoft Letters

      January 15th, 2010

Writing a letterI guess this post falls under the category of “duh”, but I really would like anyone researching a RainSoft system to know that the RainSoft letters website is either entirely fake or massively censored. The local RainSoft dealer’s sales rep told me to check out the site when I was thinking about getting the system. He claimed the site was unfiltered. I mean, it’s obvious that this is not really going to be the case. It is, after all, a RainSoft site. The only company I’ve seen which has recently publicly denigrated itself is Domino’s Pizza, and even then, it’s because of a product relaunch.

I went through the process of filling out a letter form on the RainSoft letters site. I used no foul language, but did express how horrible the installation went and how disappointed we were. It’s a shame that I didn’t copy the letter, because I am sure it will never see the light of day on the RainSoft letters website. I used my real name and provided an email address. An email response would be nice, but I doubt I’ll get one.

I did a quick search of the site and found that they haven’t even included one slightly negative letter. When you think about it, this is kind of dumb. People are just not that gullible.

The water filtration business seems to be one of the least transparent out there. I just felt it was my responsibility to point out the obvious by stating the RainSoft letters site is fake and misleading.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention in my post that the phony letters are not just up on rainsoft-letters.com. Here, a partial list of sites where RainSoft is posting fake letters:

  • letters.rainsoftofmaryland.com/
  • letters.rainsoftofnewjersey.com/
  • www.rainsoftnefl.com/customerreaction.asp

They have been posting stuff to blogs as well. When I have more information, I’ll update.

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2 Responses to “Fake RainSoft Letters”

  1. how did you know the letters were fake? sorry if I missed this in your post.

  2. Not one letter contains negative content. Furthermore, the letter I wrote was not published. It makes sense that they would not publish negative information about their sham water service. My point, however, was that they should not try to make the letters appear impartial, or even real, when they’re obviously not.

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