All Jingled Out

      December 20th, 2008

Santa likes Coca ColaI was at Trader Joe’s today, the place where i do pretty much all of my grocery shopping. I know Trader Joe’s employees are pretty passionate about groceries, but what I didn’t know is that they (or the management) are apparently also fans of the most grotesque kind of kitsch Christmas music possible. Now I’ve got nothing against good Christmas music. As a matter of fact, when I was in high school, as part of band class, I played some pretty sweet Christmas tunes in a quartet at a local shopping center.

I must say, though, my shopping experience was massively diminished by an auditory onslaught of overdone holiday cheer. I was cringing and trying not to vomit as I picked up a variety of decent quality, good value food items. I really wish I could describe the music in more detail, but I was trying my darndest to ignore it or repress it or whatever.

I never do this, but I just had to ask the funky, hip young woman at the register, “Doesn’t this music make you crazy?”.  She had asked me how I was doing and, uh, I wasn’t doing that well. I felt weighed down by every musical Christmas cliché possible. Her overly friendly demeanor changed quite a bit, and she responded,


I was beginning to think I had just insulted her favorite brand of Christmas music cheese, when she trailed off with, “I don’t even listen to it. Maybe that’s why not.”

At that moment, I felt somewhat redeemed, as if my question had had some validity. No, things were definitely not right in the world, and I didn’t quite get the answer I was hoping for, but it was a start.

So, in conclusion, if you own some sort of establishment frequented by the general public and want to play Christmas music, don’t pick the stuff that tries way to hard to put people in the Christmas spirit. Don’t overdo it. Take it easy. Thank you.

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