A New Light Bulb

      November 17th, 2008

Electon Stimulated Luminescence bulb from Vu1 CorporationThere is no question that the traditional incandescent light bulb is on its way out. As a result of its inefficiency, bans have been placed in effect for 2010 in the European Union and Australia. There have been talks of terminating their use here in California. Incandescent’s death blow, perhaps, was delivered by Leonardo DiCaprio, in his Gore-ian envirogasm, “The 11th Hour”. Well, not really, but once you’ve got celebs using their high profiles to press an issue, you’ve generally got the public’s ear.

A lot of us, however, have not warmed to the cool, twisty glow of compact fluorescent “energy saver” bulbs. I, for one, do not like the idea of releasing toxic mercury if I accidentally break a bulb. I know it’s a minuscule amount of mercury, but with a baby in the house and a high dose of clumsiness, it’s kind of a deal breaker. That’s not to say that I don’t use or condone the use of compact fluorescents, but I’m really hoping for a better solution.

Perhaps one will soon be available on store shelves. The November issue of “Photonics Spectra” introduces what might be a knight in luminescent armor. (Sorry, I tried. They call it, “…a new bulb on the block.”) A company based in Seattle known as Vu1 Corporation has created a new technology they call Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL). ESL is a phosphor coating which glows upon being stimulated by accelerated electrons. The bulbs are made of standard glass, look similar to old-fashioned incandescents, and don’t contain mercury. At a price point of around $12 a bulb, they cost less then LED-based lighting. In addition, the bulbs have the same lifetime rating as compact fluorescents and their color can be adjusted.

Vu1 Corp. will be officially launching this bulb on April 22, 2009. More information on this new technology is available on their website. Oh, and if Vu1 wants to hook me up with some free bulbs, they can contact me here.

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7 Responses to “A New Light Bulb”

  1. In its current stages – and given the real data available – this offering from Vu1 may just turn out to be green bandwagon snake oil. Nonetheless, I picked up a few shares of the company (VUOC) a while back. Definitely a “Lottery ticket” stock, though – it’ll either pay big or become worthless.

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  7. incandescent light generates high amounts of heat and it not energy efficient`*’

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