Smith Micro Software Is Garbage

      April 11th, 2008

I recently, based on a whim, decided to try out a piece of software called Internet Cleanup 5.0 from the company Smith Micro. The first annoyance I encountered was a restart to finish the installation process. I mean, that is quite a bit to ask for a little utility. I did, nevertheless, continue with the installation.

Much to my amazement, upon reboot I saw the prohibitory sign and the computer would not load the OS X operating system. I was shocked. This had never happened with Leopard, the latest and greatest OS X incarnation. It had been so long since I had OS X troubles, that I had to look up the manual to search for keypad combinations to reboot PRAM, enter Safe mode, etc.

I also decided to check online to see if this was a known issue. This is a new program and I’m on the latest system on a relatively new MacBook, so I can’t imagine I’m on an untested system. I wish I had checked it out on Version Tracker before installing it, because it gets reamed. Normally, I try out all kinds of software without checking up on it. If I like it, I like it. I wasn’t expecting to stumble upon a program which killed my computer.

So there I was booted in to XP (which I only do if absolutely necessary), fretting having to reinstall my OS. All because of one crappy program. A few hours later, after repairing permissions and my hard disk with the Leopard Install DVD, booting up in Safe Mode, and uninstalling Internet Cleanup 5.0 (which involves downloading two special programs from their website) I was able to use my computer again.

I promised them via email to tell everyone I know to avoid their garbage software. Their response: “Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I will forward them to the parties involved for further review.” Right, not too satisfying.

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  1. Good for people to know.

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