Of Manuals and Misspellings

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the nightmare resulting from having my local RainSoft dealer install a whole house filtration system. Now that the system is unfortunately a part of our house, I’m trying to work out the nuts and bolts as we slowly return to normalcy. As such, I’ve looked at the slim […]

Vogue Needs a New Editor

A few days ago I picked up my wife’s June 2009 U.S. Vogue Magazine. Flipping though it, I landed on a strangely luring article titled “Battles of the Heart” by Ana Menéndez. I always thought Vogue was a rather sophisticated fashion magazine, so I was really surprised to find an article which was pretty darn tasteless. Granted I’m all for a bit of lowbrow tomfoolery, but what I stumbled upon was high sheen garbage.

Allow me to explain.