A New Light Bulb

There is no question that the traditional incandescent light bulb is on its way out. As a result of its inefficiency, bans have been placed in effect for 2010 in the European Union and Australia. There have been talks of terminating their use here in California. Incandescent’s death blow, perhaps, was delivered by Leonardo DiCaprio, […]

Pedestrians vs. Motorists

Today I was enjoying a late afternoon walk with my baby daughter. On our way back home I reached a crosswalk and saw a good opportunity to make my way to the other side. I saw a van blocking part of the street and wanted to take advantage of the momentary pause in traffic. Since […]

An Apple A Day

Ever wonder why your local supermarket has fresh apples all year round? To tell you the truth, I haven’t really, but on a recent trip up to visit some friends, I ended up in apple country. Endless apple orchards as far as the eye could see.