You Down With AB1953?

I realize I’ve reached a new low low in terms of lame titles, but wanted to briefly discuss Assembly Bill 1953. Beginning in 2010, the bill requires all potable water pipes and fixtures to be lead free*. Oh yes, the lovely asterisk. I stumbled upon this little doozy while hunched over at my local Home […]

Of Vineyards and Dashed Dreams

I recently came to the conclusion that my place in life was to start a vineyard and tend to it. I would care for each individual grape and produce small quantities of (hopefully) great wine. That’s not to say that I’m not hammering out a great living as a web content maestro, but I have […]

Static Shock

After several years in Europe with its excellent public transportation system, I recently ventured back to the U.S. More specifically, I returned to California where one is rather stranded and desolate without wheels. Without going into too many boring details, I picked up a new Honda Fit, a car which I think is today’s equivalent […]