Esquire Needs A New Editor

Esquire is one of those expired frequent flyer miles magazines I get. (In other words, for free.) I used to be mildly interested in Barry Sonnenfeld’s product reviews, though he’s been getting on my nerves lately. Mr. Sonnenfeld’s latest case of product propaganda, “30 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Digital Man”, randomly features the Rockettes, […]

Vogue Needs a New Editor

A few days ago I picked up my wife’s June 2009 U.S. Vogue Magazine. Flipping though it, I landed on a strangely luring article titled “Battles of the Heart” by Ana Menéndez. I always thought Vogue was a rather sophisticated fashion magazine, so I was really surprised to find an article which was pretty darn tasteless. Granted I’m all for a bit of lowbrow tomfoolery, but what I stumbled upon was high sheen garbage.

Allow me to explain.