RainSoft Claims

I know they say a sales person will say anything to make a sale, but I heard some pretty lofty claims from the RainSoft sales rep. I’ve been able to verify firsthand (unfortunately) that what he said about their installers was definitely not true. Based on that, I’m assuming that much of what he said […]

Fake RainSoft Letters

I guess this post falls under the category of “duh”, but I really would like anyone researching a RainSoft system to know that the RainSoft letters website is either entirely fake or massively censored. The local RainSoft dealer’s sales rep told me to check out the site when I was thinking about getting the system. […]

Of Manuals and Misspellings

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the nightmare resulting from having my local RainSoft dealer install a whole house filtration system. Now that the system is unfortunately a part of our house, I’m trying to work out the nuts and bolts as we slowly return to normalcy. As such, I’ve looked at the slim […]