You Down With AB1953?

I realize I’ve reached a new low low in terms of lame titles, but wanted to briefly discuss Assembly Bill 1953. Beginning in 2010, the bill requires all potable water pipes and fixtures to be lead free*. Oh yes, the lovely asterisk. I stumbled upon this little doozy while hunched over at my local Home […]

Seventh Generation’s “Great Law”

If you look at a number of Seventh Generation products or at their website, you’ll see the following lofty saying: “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” This is a certainly a clever way of explaining their strange name, but every time I’ve read that, […]

A New Light Bulb

There is no question that the traditional incandescent light bulb is on its way out. As a result of its inefficiency, bans have been placed in effect for 2010 in the European Union and Australia. There have been talks of terminating their use here in California. Incandescent’s death blow, perhaps, was delivered by Leonardo DiCaprio, […]