What To Do with a “.__a” File on a Mac

For the first time in a while I encountered a couple of files with extension .__a, .__b, .__c, and so on. I’m familiar with multi-part rars, but when I tried to open the .__a with RAR Expander I was out of luck. On the Mac, one solution is to download the program Split & Concat. […]

Busted by YouTube

A little while back I posted an insanely cute video of my baby daughter taking some of her first steps on YouTube. The quality was pretty bad because I took it with my camera, so I spiced the vid up a bit with an intro title, outro message, and one minute of music; namely the […]

A Few Seconds Remaining

So I’m pretty sure that Mac OS X is the best consumer operating system and that the best web browser for OS X (and Windows for that matter) is Firefox. I don’t know what I would do with the ability to add on extensions such as NoScript, Firebug, and Download Statusbar. I recently stopped using […]